Nekoosa High School

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Nekoosa High School Philosophy

The philosophy of Nekoosa High School is dedicated to the realization of the unique potential of each individual. Thus, the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills, habits, attitudes, and understandings, which will enable the student to function as a responsible citizen in a changing world, will be provided.

The school serves a student body that comes from a broad spectrum of social, economics, and educational origins. Therefore, this school strives to provide for these social, economic, and educational differences through a varied program of studies that includes sufficient opportunity to achieve and to explore vocational and academic curricula. These curriculum designs will be continually evolving and flexible.

Students must be prepared to take responsibility for their choice of role in society. Although the school will, of necessity, reflect the thinking of the community, it is important in our open society, which facilitates great mobility, that our graduates be prepared to adjust and adapt to their changing environment. To this end, our school attempts to assist the students in developing the critical qualities of mind and durable qualities of character that insure responsible citizenship.

Nekoosa High School Vision Statement

NHS is a student-centered community that empowers all by nurturing diversity and embracing challenges to continuously develop and enhance our positive learning environment.

To accomplish this vision at NHS we believe:

All students....

...can learn

...have unique skills and talents

...can contribute to a positive school environment

Success happens by...

...setting goals and maintaining high expectations

...promoting optimism

...elevating our level of communication

Enhancing community through...

...sharing commitment

...cooperative education

...continuous school improvement

Basic School Information

ENROLLMENT: Approximately 425 students.
FACULTY: 27 teachers, the majority of whom hold at least a Master's Degree.
CALENDAR: Two 18-week semester grading periods consisting of seven 50-minute class periods and one 20 minute advisory period, five days per week.
ACCREDITATION: Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.