Alexander Middle School

  • Alexander Middle School | School District of Nekoosa

Alexander Middle School

Vision Statement

A Community that builds respectful Relationships, encourages Exploration, and fosters rigorous Learning!

Mission Statement & Core Values

To advance the social, emotional, physical, and academic growth of every student.Values (our commitments) for AMS

In the area of Community and Respectful Relationships we will ...

  • Provide diverse, unique experiences that reach all students
  • Teach and model the conflict resolution process
  • Plan activities that include a social-emotional focus

In the area of Exploration and Rigorous Learning we will...

  • Engage in practices that are grounded in the PLC process to support student learning.
  • Initiate or enhance instructional experiences that provide students with interventions to learn essentials or enrichments
  • Initiate or enhance instructional experiences that honors the unique learning needs of all learners.
  • Develop and utilize practices that will increase responsible independence among students.
  • Demonstrate a dedication to professional growth.
  • Actively engage parents as partners in the educational process.