Humke Elementary School

Welcome to Humke Elementary! Humke is an early childhood through third grade school. We currently have an enrollment of over 400 students. Our half day 4 year old kindergarten program, and our full day Kindergarten gives our students a rich introduction into the world of learning. A full complement of Special Education programs including Speech, Learning, Cognitive, and Behavioral Disabilities is available to serve our children.

Humke participates in the Student Achievement Guarantee in Education program (SAGE) sponsored by the State of Wisconsin. Lower class sizes allow our teachers to devote more time to each child.

Our teachers continuously provide the best practices in instruction for our students. Each child is treated as a unique, special person. We are committed to helping each child reach their fullest potential.

Please contact us for more information regarding our school.  We work hard to ensure that every child is a part of our success.

Keith Johnson, Humke Elementary School Principal